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Auto silicone hose requires min care because of the great property. However, basic care can help ensure it can work as normal for longer time. Here are some tips for auto silicone hoses.

Visual Inspection
Regularly inspect the silicone hose for any signs of wear, damage or leak. Then look for crack and bulge in the hose material. While if you notice any issues, you’d better change a new one at once.

Keep the silicone auto hose clean and free from debris, dirt, or oil buildup. While you can use a mild detergent and water solution to gently clean the surface. Besides, avoid using harsh solvent which could damage the silicone.

Clamp Tight
Check the tightness of hose clamps to ensure they are secure. Because loose clamp can lead to leak. Thus tighten or replace clamps as needed to keep a proper seal.

Temp and Pressure
Ensure that the silicone hose can bear the temp and pressure of the special auto system. Because beyond the limit will cause failure or even serious accident.

Follow the guidance to properly install the silicone hose. Besides, avoid sharp bends or kinks that could restrict fluid flow or cause stress on the hose. Then, use right fittings and clamps to tighten the hose well.

With above tips, you can maintain your silicone hose well. If you have any question, just contact Orient. We will offer you the best solution.