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Silicone hose widely serves in various apps due to the great properties. For example, flexible and durable. However, some factors can affect the performance of silicone hose. Then lead to failure and reduce the ability. Here are some of the environmental factors that can impact the hose.

Silicone hose is famous for the high temp resistance. But extreme temp can still affect it. Exposure to temp above the max work limit can damage the hose. First, it will not be as flexible as normal. Second, it will be brittle. Then there will be crack and leakage risks.

Exposure to sunlight and UV can cause thee hose to degrade over time. Then it will lead to crack and harden.

Certain chemicals can attack the silicone material and cause it to break down. Then lead to crack and failure. Thus it is matter to choose the right type of hose.

Wear can damage silicone hose, especially in high pressure apps. This can lead to weaken and fail.

Exposure to moisture can cause silicone hose to degrade after a long time. Then cause it crack and fail.

In a word, temp, UV, chemical, wear, and moisture can affect the silicone hose. Thus you should choose a right hose. You can also take some measures to protect your hose. For example, you can use the hose sleeve to protect it. While the sleeve can be spiral guard, nylon guard and silicone sleeve.