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EPDM rubber hose is a rubber product commonly used in our life. It is often used in construction machinery, electronic machinery, automobile, engine and other environment, and is often used to transport water, air, warm air and antifreeze and other substances. So the question comes, can EPDM rubber hose transport oil substances? That is to say, is EPDM rubber tube oil resistant? Let’s study it together.

First of all, from the composition of EPDM.

Epdm rubber is a polymeric substance with a very small amount of non-conjugated diolefin for polymerization of propylene and ethylene. From the point of view of its molecular chain, the main chain of EPDM is composed of stable saturated hydrocarbons, but the side chain of EPDM contains some saturated carbon-carbon double bonds. This makes EPDM hose degree heat, ultraviolet, ozone and other conditions with good resistance. These features have no effect on the oil resistance of watering.

AC hose
AC hose

Then you look at the polarity of the material.

The polarity of rubber is judged by whether the rubber contains polar groups. Our common non-polar rubber has natural rubber, EPDM rubber, styrene butadiene rubber and so on. According to the similar compatibility principle, non-polar and non-polar materials will be compatible with each other. And gasoline, diesel, kerosene and other oils are non-polar materials, so EPDM hose will be compatible with these oils. That is to say, EPDM hose can not transport oil materials very well.

So, to sum up, ternary acrylic hose does not have oil resistance. If you want to fill rubber hose with oil resistance, we can choose nitrile rubber hose. The biggest feature of this rubber hose is that it has excellent oil resistance.

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