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Hose is divided into many kinds, food grade hose is also a common kind in life. Some foods do need food grade silicone hoses for insurance during transportation. Does it mean that the hose can only transport liquid food? In fact, food grade hose can also be used to transport sweets, flour, spices, etc., which are common in life. Let’s talk about what factors affect the compressive performance of food-grade hose.

Generally speaking, because of its own material, the diameter of the tube and the proportion of wall thickness and other factors. And the hose itself has a certain compressive capacity, some compressive performance is tough, but if in some improper circumstances, the system pressure reaches beyond the hose itself compressive limit, then the food-grade hose will expand, leading to wear or rupture; It can be seen that the quality of the right material not only determines the life span of the food-grade hose, but also ensures the production output in use.

What are the areas where food grade silicone hose can be applied?

food grade hose is not only suitable for the food industry, Can pass liquid (water, milk, wine and other fluids), gas (air, ammonia, containing chemical gases, etc.), oil (vegetable oil, oil, gasoline, etc.).but also for the medical industry,Medical Grade Vacuum Hose,Medical equipment is connected to pipelines, conduits, Tube products for food;Connecting pipe for food machinery;Water dispenser, coffee pot, water heater, rice cooker, fish tank, faucet, laboratory equipment and other connection pipe, catheter;Electrical instruments and other bushing;

Food grade silicone hose is made of imported silicagel, in line with the FDA standard of non-toxic ingredients, not only has the good performance of non-toxic, but also has no odor, high transparency, no yellowing; Soft, good elasticity, kink resistance without deformation; No cracking, long service life, cold and high temperature resistance; Has higher tear strength; Can also be used for chemical feeding;

Food grade hose is non-toxic, tasteless, good chemical inertness, has excellent weathering resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, ozone, gas, food grade hose itself compressive ability is far more than ordinary silicagel or the good performance of waste silicone hose, at the same time to resist the temperature limit of 60 ° to 250 °, not only high temperature resistant, and wear-resisting property.

OrientFlex has been producing food grade hoses for 16 years. If you need to purchase a batch of food grade hoses, please contact us.