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According to Marketsand Markets Research, the global medical tubing market continues to grow at a significant rate and is expected to reach $9.4 billion by 2022. Within the forecast range, silicone is identified as the most used and fastest-growing material in the global medical tubing field in terms of volume.

What factors you need to consider when you need medical grade silicone hoses? Mechanical properties and transparency.

medical grade silicone hose

The main mechanical property to consider when choosing silicone tubing, especially as medical device designs are moving toward smaller devices and drug delivery devices, is size. Not all silicone tubing supplier can produce and provide accurate sizes of silicone hoses to the market. We, Orientflex has advanced equipment that can produce customer needed accurate silicone hose sizes and wall thickness.

silicone hose

Another consideration is hardness. Generally speaking, silicone from Shore A 20 to Shore A 80 hardness can be formed by extrusion process. As hardness increases, tensile strength decreases. We usually produce Shore A 70 hardness medical grade silicone hoses, the hardness can be adjusted as the customer required. The quality of the surface finish of the pipe must be carefully evaluated. Typically, low friction on the surface of the silicone tube is very important for practical applications.

Visibility is important for certain types of medical devices, such as drug delivery devices that deliver fluids into the body, or devices that drain fluids from the body. Our medical grade silicone tubes use imported silicone raw materials to ensure purity and transparency. If you are looking for a medical grade silicone tubing supplier, welcome to contact us for more information.