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Food grade silicone hose workshop
For producing food grade silicone hoses, it is necessary to ensure the sterility and dust-free of the production workshop. Orientflex’s workshop for food grade silicone hoses is dust-free.

We ensure the food grade silicone hoses quality. Meanwhile our food grade silicone hoses are FDA approved. We supply our food grade silicone hose to such as wine factory to transfer beverage.

Structures of the FDA silicone hose
There are different types of FDA silicone hoses, such as silicone tubing without reinforcement, silicone braided hoses, silicone stainless steel wire reinforced hoses, etc. Depends on the applications, we are able to produce different structures FDA silicone hoses.

Production Technology
As many people known that food grade silicone tubing is platinum vulcanized. So do we. After platinum vulcanization, it can make the silicone rubber molecular chain react with crosslinking. Make the linear molecules form a network structure.

Then the silicone hoses can be more environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless. Thus, it can pass FDA food grade and medical grade safely certification. Meanwhile our food grade silicone hoses are high transparent, and anti-yellowing.

If you are looking for food grade or medical grade silicone hoses, we can be your trust-able partner. Any special requirement on sizes, wall thickness, as a factory all we can satisfy. We can produce sample for use and test.