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Food grade silicone hose is a kind of hose made of silicone material, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, non-toxic, odorless, soft, transparent, etc. It is widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. When choosing food silicone hose, the following points should be noted:

7 Tips for Choosing Food Silicone Hose

First, The material

The material of food silicone hose should be selected food-grade silicone, that is, silicone material that meets the standards for food contact materials. Food-grade silica gel has been strictly tested and certified, does not contain any toxic or harmful substances, and will not cause harm to human health.

Second, The transparency and size of silicone tube

  1. Transparency Selection:
    For clear flow monitoring: Select a highly transparent silicone tube to easily visualize beverages, alcohol, and other liquids moving through the pipe.
    For light-sensitive fluids: Choose a slightly less transparent tube to protect light-sensitive liquids within the pipeline.
  2. Silicone Tube Size Selection:
    When choosing your silicone tube size, consider these factors:
    Peristaltic pump power: Ensure your pump can handle the chosen tube size.
    Fluid impact on the tube wall: Select a size that minimizes the impact of the flowing liquid on the tube walls.

Third, The relevant certification standards

  1. FDA (US):
    Standard: FDA 21 CFR 177.2600
    Key Tests: De-ethane and deionized water extraction
  2. LFGB (Europe):
    Key Tests: Sensory testing, 95% ethanol alternative to olive oil extraction method, deionized water extraction, 3% acetic acid aqueous solution extraction, 10% ethanol test, peroxide test, total migration of volatiles test, organic tin compounds content test.
food and medical grade silicone hose application (1)

Four,Temperature size

Different food fluids in the transmission process, the temperature requirements are not the same (there are high and low). So when choosing silicone tube, choose the food-grade silicone tube that is consistent with the working temperature of the industry, in order to meet the needs of production.

Fifth, The brand

It is recommended to choose a well-known brand of food silicone hose, the quality of such products and after-sales service is more guaranteed.

Sixth, The price

The price of food silicone hose varies greatly, you should choose according to your budget and needs. Do not blindly pursue the low price, so as not to buy poor quality products.


Food silicone hose is widely used in the food industry, and choosing the right hose is crucial. We hope the above can help you choose a quality food silicone hose.