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Food-grade silicone tube is a very special silicone tube. It should be ensured that it is clean and sanitary when used, and attention should be paid to its maintenance to avoid leakage and other phenomena. But in the production of food grade silicone tube, we sometimes find the hose will have the phenomenon of bubbles, so what is the cause of this?

When we find bubbles in food-grade silicone tubes, we need to consider the problem of raw materials. May be due to clear carbon black is not pure, or mixed with other white carbon black. In addition, there is another possibility that there is a problem in coking, the mixing of glue is not uniform, the filling capacity is not reasonable, and the temperature and time of discharging glue are not well controlled. So how do you solve this problem?

food grade silicone hose
food grade silicone hose

First of all, we will solve the problem of raw materials.
When producing food-grade silicone tubes, we should choose transparent carbon black with good purity, and then refine transparent rubber after cleaning the kneader.
Secondly, in view of the coking problem.
the kneading temperature and kneading time should be well controlled during production, and the original kneading time should be extended for 5-10 minutes before the glue discharge inspection.

The above silicone hose manufacturer to answer for you about the food grade silicone tube in the production of the bubble phenomenon and solutions. If you find it helpful, share it with those around you who need it.