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The food grade silicone tube is a silicone hose made of aramid wire woven reinforcing support, polyester woven and platinum silica gel. The 316L sanitary joint can be selected at both ends of the hose according to customer requirements. Due to the balance between strength and weight of the product design structure, the inner layer is transparent and the outer layer can be made transparent and milky white (the outer surface color can be customized).

What are the characteristics of food grade silicone hoses?

1, with excellent bending, smooth and clean inner wall

It is easy to clean and not sticky. It does not adhere to any residual substances after cleaning. It can be sterilized and sterilized by high temperature and high pressure steam.

3, odorless, tasteless, completely non-toxic, does not contain any plasticizers and additives. Fully compliant with food FDA requirements.

Food Grade Silicone Hose Application:

Can be used as pipes and connecting hose for food processing to transfer beverage products.
Is all silicone tubing Food Safe?
Security. Food grade silicone hose is safe, non-toxic and harmless, and the health and environmental protection level is high, First of all, the transparency of the general food grade silicone tube is better, then, in the operation of the material process, can be through some ways to make the glue stronger, to increase the transparency of the product, with this product can improve the customer has visual effect; Secondly, the advantage of food grade silicone tube is that it does not have any odor, so that it will not affect the quality of the product in the process of processing, and in the sealed state, it is almost difficult to rot.
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