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Professional automotive rubber hose manufacturers will introduce to you the production process of special-shaped rubber hose. The steps are as follows:

Seven steps to produce rubber hose

Step 1, adding the compounded rubber into the extruder, extruding the rubber tube blank from the extruder;
Step 2, the extruded rubber tube blank enters the cutting machine for online cutting, and the cutting size is determined according to the stretching length of the rubber tube to be customized;
Step 3, put the cut rubber tube blank into a specific mold;
Step 4, hang the rubber tube blank after piercing the mold into the steam vulcanization tank for molding and vulcanization;
Step 5, demoulding the vulcanized rubber tube to obtain a ready-made special-shaped rubber tube;
Step 6: Cut off and cut both ends of the quasi-finished product. It is required that the cut mark of the pipe head is flat and the size of the hose meets the requirements of the drawing;
Step 7: Put the rubber tube into an industrial washing machine, clean the oil stains inside and outside the hose, pack and ship.
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