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There are many silicone hose manufacturers on the market, some of the production of silicone hose is good, some of the production of hose quality is poor, "Four steps" to determine the quality of the rubber hose.Today’s answer is by OrientFlex.

silicone hose
silicone hose

How to distinguish and judge the quality of rubber hose?

first step:see

1. See the surface of the rubber hose: the rubber surface is generally divided into two kinds, smooth surface and cloth grain surface. Smooth surface requires smooth surface, no bubbles and bumps; The fabric surface should be smooth and evenly spaced.

2, look at the reinforcement layer: the reinforcement layer is generally made of fiber, steel wire weaving, steel wire winding. The more layers there are, the more stress there is, which is an important indicator.

3, see whether the rubber hose eccentricity phenomenon: under normal circumstances, the rubber tube core is a round shape, if there is an ellipse or not a round phenomenon, it may affect the use of rubber tube.

4. See the bending performance of the rubber hose: bend the hose in half, observe the surface color and rebound speed, color change is small, rebound speed is fast, and prove that the quality of the hose is better

Second step:the amount of

Measure the diameter and wall thickness of the rubber hose: because the wall thickness of the rubber pipe is uniform, the diameter is the same everywhere, and whether the size you need is the same.

Three step:smell

Smell rubber pipe has no odor: rubber pipe odor is smaller, better quality

Four step:measurement

Pressure measurement: USE pressure measuring machine to measure whether the pressure of rubber tube reaches the standard, the stronger the bearing capacity, the better the quality.

Above “Four steps” to determine the quality of the rubber hose. OrientFlex are suppliers of high-quality auto rubber hoses designed to work in a range of industries and applications. If you need auto hose, Contact Us Now!