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Before you buy high performance silicone hose, you must know the specific measurements that you wanted. The standard silicone hoses’ specifications are general, including the inside diameter (ID), wall thickness, reinforcement (fiber layers), and length. Silicone hump hoses and T-shape silicone hoses are relatively more complex. 1 inch silicone hose is the same as 25mm. Imperial and Metric measurement units both are commonly used in silicone hoses’ measurements.

Silicone Reducer
Silicone Reducer

You need to concern the using temperature and tell the silicone hose supplier that the application required working temperature for the silicone hoses. High temp silicone hose can resist the working temperature from -40°C to 220°C. If there is any special requirements on the operating temperature, remember to tell the silicone rubber hose supplier before you buy it.

Attention to the transferred fluids of the silicone hoses. Generally, the silicone hoses are used for the air and water transfer. If the transferred medium includes oils and fuels, you might have to choose the fluorocarbon and fluoro silicone liners, but which is more expensive. If your applications are special and you plan to use the silicone hoses for oil, fuel or other corrosive liquids, remember to tell the silicone hose supplier on the first place.

Silicone Hump Hose

Using the high performance silicone hose to replace rubber hoses, we can see a lot of advantages: higher temperature resistance, anti-aging, good performance on the extreme weather, etc. If you are looking for a reliable and good supplier for silicone hoses, you can contact us, Orientflex. We can find customized solution for your application. Also we have a strong capacity on production and technique design. If you have special requirements, provide us drawings or samples, we are able to design the silicone hoses for your specific use.