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To help customers save the cost of buy silicone hose, generally divided into the following 3 steps.

1.Exchange rate
In international trade, actually the exchange rate from local currency to US dollars will impact a lot. Orientflex has exported hoses for more than 16 years, our professional sales team do care the exchange rate changes everyday. Thus, to suggest customers when will be the best time to purchase. To help customers save from exchange rate.

2.Raw material price trend
This is another important aspect influences cost, which is the raw material price trend. Due to the market situation changes, the silicone raw material price is changing as well.

When the silicone raw material’s price higher, sometimes we had to increase pricing. We do not like to rise the price, but we have to. So, it is great for customers to catch the best time (raw silicone material’s price best time) to buy silicone hoses.

As the silicone hoses factory, we will know the raw material price trend in the first price. Meanwhile, we love to share the industrial information to our customer.

3.Pack properly to save space
There are some suppliers, they do not care the shipping cost charged for customers. So they do not pack the way to save space for customer. But we have production quality check and pack team. We will pack silicone hoses into the positions fit well in boxes. Therefore, actually customers can save some shipping cost.

Here are some additional tips that can help customers keep saving money on silicone hoses:

  1. buy from a reliable supplier. When purchasing silicone hoses, it is important to buy from a reputable supplier. This will help ensure that customers get high-quality silicone hoses that are built to last.
  2. Negotiate the price. If a customer is buying a large quantity of silicone hose, they may be able to negotiate the price with the supplier. This can help customers save more money.
  3. Look for sales and promotions. Many suppliers offer sales and promotions on silicone hoses throughout the year. Customers can sign up for email lists or follow suppliers on social media to stay informed about upcoming sales.
  4. Consider purchasing silicone hose accessories. There are many silicone hose accessories available, such as clamps, couplers and reducers. These accessories can help customers save money on silicone hose repairs and replacements.
  5. Consider buying used silicone hoses. If a customer is on a tight budget, they may want to consider buying used silicone hoses. There are many websites and online marketplaces where used silicone hoses can be purchased. However, it’s important to carefully inspect used silicone hoses to make sure they are in good condition before purchasing them.

Indeed, we care customer’s profits as well, we do everything we can to help customers earn the most. Find hoses, find in Orientflex.