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High pressure silicone hose serves in many places such as chemical, food and beverage factory. The hose can bear high pressure and high temp, thus it has a wide range of usage. While the reason that it is suitable for various apps is because of its great properties.

High-temp proof
It can bear extreme temp from -65℃to +260℃. This feature makes it ideal for hot fluid and gas at high-temp.

Chemical resistant
Silicone hose can work with chemical well because it resists most acid, alkali and solvents. While this makes it suitable to transfer corrosives.

Easy to clean
Silicone hose has a smooth surface that is easy to clean and sterilize. Thus it’s ideal for use in food and beverage use.

Low compression set
High pressure silicone hose has low compression set properties. That means it can maintain the original shape and size even there was huge pressure on it. While this ensures that they remain effective and reliable over the service life.

Flexible and durable
Silicone hose is flexible and will not kink, thus it’s easy to install and maintain. In addition, it is very durable with a long service life.

Because of above properties, silicone hose is an ideal choice for high pressure use. And it replaces parts of the rubber hoses and PVC hoses.