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Air intake hose is an important part for a car. While if there was any problem, it will cause bad effect to the driving. Then let’s see what will happen.

The air intake hose breaks
If the intake pipe is damaged, it will affect the power property of the car. But it mainly depends on which part breaks. If the noise reduction part breaks, the biggest impact is that the noise will become louder. But it has no effect on other parts of the car. But if the rear part of the exhaust pipe breaks, it will be more difficult. Because not only the noise is loud, but the exhaust emission is not up to standard. Then you have to change a new one.

Section of air intake hose
The intake hose is generally one section. But in special cases, there are 2or even 3 sections. The section before the air filter is the front section. While the section between the filter and the turbine is the middle section. Then the section between the turbine and the intake valve is the rear section. However, if there is an intercooler, there will be an extra section.

The intake hose before the air filter breaks
If the intake hose in front of the air filter breaks, it doesn’t matter much. Then you can just go to the repair shop to replace it. However, if the intake hose after the air filter breaks, you should deal with quickly. Otherwise the idle speed may soar and be unstable. A cracked intake hose can also cause rough idling. While not enough air in the combustion chamber can make it difficult to get the proper air-fuel ratio. This often causes the vehicle to backfire and result in an overall lack of power due to unburned fuel. Engine needs high density of mixed air, but air intake hose broken cause it thin. Thus the engine start will be hard.