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Orientflex has very strict quality control system on all the hoses. Today, i’d like to share you how we guarantee the PU PA hoses quality.

After an order is finished, we will check the quality depends on belows.

Check the quality depends on belows


We will check if the packages is complete and damaged or not. Also, we will check the packages size, color, and quantity are right or not.

PA hoses package

2.Ship Mark

We check if the ship mark content is right. Also, we check if the ship mark size and quantity is right, if its sticked position meet the requirements.

PA hoses ship mark

3.Hoses details

We will measure the hoses ID,OD, and check the hoses color, surface as well. In this way, we can promise the hoses details is no problem.

PU  Hoses details


We check if the print position is right and correct. And also, we will check if the print content is clear and neat. Besides,we will inspect and confirm if the print font, color and size meet the requirements.

PA Hose Print
PA Hose Print


We measure PU PA hoses hardness, so as to guarantee the hardness is no problem.

PA Hose Hardness

6.Weight, Length

For each order, we check and record the PU PA hoses roll weight, and roll length. Therefore, to make it same with the order request.

PA Hose Weight and Length

7.Work pressure

We pay attention on the hoses work pressure a lot. So, for the order, we will check and record the hoses work pressure and burst pressure as well.

PA Hose Work pressure

8.Hose assembly

If the order is a hose assembly, we will check the fitting as well. We check the couplings if matched with the hoses. Also, we check if the fittings have obvious damage, and if it meets the requests.

PA hose assembly

We take part in overseas exhibitions every year. With a strong quality control team, we have a range of testing procedures. All we do is to provide our customers with quality products.

If you need to purchase a batch of PU PA hose, please contact us.