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Orientflex’s factory area is very clean and tidy. We have been producing and exporting automotive rubber air-conditioning pipes for about ten years. We focus on quality and do a good job of testing every automobile air-conditioning pipe produced to ensure the quality of each air-conditioning pipe.

After the air-conditioning pipe is produced, we will do a pressure test for each section, and we will not export it to customers if there are any problems. Experienced workers in our inspection area also inspect hoses’ surfaces and more.

We can make C-type and E-type air-conditioning pipes according to the needs of customers, and we can do 6-layer and 7-layer winding reinforcement technology according to the customer’s market.

It is also normal for the refrigerant in the air-conditioning hose to seep out to a certain extent, because the rubber will appear in a network shape after vulcanization, and there will be penetration. However, the reverse osmosis rate of the air-conditioning pipes we manufacture is qualified, so you can purchase with confidence.

You can see our packaging, usually in white woven cloth. But if you need packaging for reels, we can also accommodate your needs. We exported our AC hose to more than fifty countries and the markets’ feedback was good. If you also need it, welcome to contact us.