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Orientflex can supply kinds of colors of auto silicone hoses. We can supply colored silicone hose blue,black,orange,pink,yellow,white,red,purple,etc . In order to reach best color requests, we have very professional color matching technology.Today i’d love to share you some tips.

In the production of silicone hoses, many people will confuse color adjustments with color matching. In fact, there are two concepts. Color adjustments refers to the color that is close to the target color based on the original color, and color matching refers to the color of the target color. The composition of the masterbatch is adjusted according to the proportion of the masterbatch to achieve a close target color. After the preparation is completed, the formula is recorded for the next use.

When we produce silicone hose, we first analyze the color masterbatch according to the target color. Which colors are composed? According to this selection of color masterbatches, what is the approximate weight of each color masterbatch? According to the analyzed results, a preliminary color formula is written, and the first color matching is carried out depends on the formula.

After the first color matching is completed,we will match the color with the target color, and analyze the color difference between them. And record the color masterbatch and component added each time, until the actual color is close to the target color, the formula of color matching is summarized and recorded.

As silicone auto hoses manufacturer, Orientflex has exported more than 15 years, we have professional production technique. We definitely can supply the best quality with most beautiful color silicone hoses.  We also can supply hose samples,if you need samples, please feel free to contact me.