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When I got the brake rubber hose, I did not know how to assemble it. Today, OrientFlex is a best Silicone hose manufacturer in China. To give you some answers to the questions about rubber hose assembly.

(1) Brake rubber hose Metal parts (joints)

1. Please select hose joints suitable for hose size.

2. When the end of the connector is inserted into the hose, apply lubricating oil at the end of the hose and pipe, and do not bake with fire. If it cannot be inserted, use hot water to heat the hose and try inserting the connector.

3. Insert the serrated tail of the connector completely into the hose.

4. Do not use the disposable push-in connector at the same time, otherwise the hose may be broken.

Brake Hose
Brake Hose

(2) Brake rubber hose Others

1, please avoid using too much wire ligation, should choose special sleeve or tie.

2. Avoid the use of scarred or rusty joints.

The above is for you to sort out the rubber hose assembly matters needing attention. I hope you found this article helpful. For more information about Rubber Hose please subscribe to this website.