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Usually, we use rubber hose clamp to fix the hoses with the car, no matter it’s rubber auto hoses or auto silicone hoses, and no matter it’s CAC(Charge air cooler system) , Coolant system, Turbo Charge System. The clamps are mostly used to connected cars with hoses.

How do you fix a hose on a car?

step1:Open the access port and remove the fuel tank inlet pipe;

step2:Remove the oil return pipe at the oil tank, connect the joint with the oil pipe, and tighten the oil inlet and return port with a wrench;

step3:Tie the oil pipe, the oil pipe cannot be placed above the low pressure line;

step4:After the wire harness and tubing are tied, connect the inlet tubing to the engine or fuel filter;

step5:Connect the oil return pipe to the engine oil return pipe.

Orientflex not only can supply kinds of silicone radiator hose, automotive rubber hose, But also can supply kinds of rubber hose clamp. You can buy hoses and clamps together from us. We look forward to your inquiry and cooperation.