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For the how to repair air intake hose, it is recommended that you check it regularly to avoid unnecessary damage. When the intake hose is damaged, it will cause a drop in the power of the car engine. In severe cases, the engine will catch fire. Therefore, it is recommended that you fix it immediately.

How to repair air intake hose

The first thing to do is to identify the location of the damage and whether there is an air leak. It is possible to start the car and when a hissing sound is heard, air is leaking from the hose.

Second, repair in different ways according to the degree of damage. For the intake hose with a small leakage, it is recommended that you can use a special sealant for automobiles and repair it. For large leaks, it is recommended that you must replace the entire hose in time. If you can’t replace it yourself, ask a professional to replace it.

The air intake hose produced by Orientflex has the characteristics of good sealing, high and low temperature resistance (the temperature will be higher than that of natural aspirated under the same turbocharged condition), and anti-aging. You can have spare hoses in your car, and if you find a leak, can quickly replace a damaged hose.