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In order to produce and develop the rubber hose to meet the requirements of practical use, it is necessary to measure the rubber hose correctly. Rubber hose, the inner is a rubber layer, the outer layer is composed of steel wire braiding layer and outer rubber layer. Can be used to transport hydraulic fluid. Today I will introduce to you how is auto rubber hose measured?

For the measurement of rubber hose, there are many manufacturers have their own set of measurement methods.

The rubber hose measurement methods are as follows

1. Hose size measurement inner diameter outer diameter reinforced layer outer diameter wall thickness concentricity inner diameter of inner and outer layer thick composite parts, the new national standard and ISO add length and measuring point marks, specify the hose length measurement method without pipe joints and with various pipe joints.

2. Hydraulic test — verification pressure test: test hose and assembly under verification pressure for 30s to 60s to see if leakage, deformation and damage will occur. Bearing deformation test: keep for 1 minute under the specified pressure (working pressure verification pressure or other pressure lower than verification pressure), and measure the change of hose length and outer diameter, torsion Angle and bending.

— Bursting pressure test: determine the pressure when the hose bursts at the specified boost speed.

— Leakage test: at the minimum burst pressure, repeat once to check whether there is leakage or damage.


Because the test often uses water, and the viscosity of the actual liquid used is different, the burst pressure and leakage pressure measured at room temperature may be slightly lower.

The wide application of rubber hose determines the special requirements for its performance. Through the early detection, can effectively prevent the safety of rubber hose due to quality problems.

I hope this collation will be helpful to you. If you would like to purchase auto rubber hose, please contact us for a quote.