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For silicone tube manufacturers, the production process of silicone tubes must be familiar, but for most people, everyone is still curious about how silicone tubes are made? Today, OrientFlex will give you a brief introduction.

The silicone tube is made of high-quality silicone rubber, which is processed by scientific formula and advanced technology.

First of all, the production process of silicone hoses is generally divided into two forms: extrusion and molding. First, the extruded silicone tube requires silicone with the same hardness to be smelted and then cut into strips, put into the screw extruder, and then extruded from the mold of the specification. When extruding, it can be extruded from top to bottom, or it can be extruded in parallel through the oven Vulcanization, and then after two-stage vulcanization, the temperature varies from 300-500 degrees.

silicone tubing

The specific production method of the silicone tubing is as follows: extrusion molding, molding, bonding and other processes.

Take the extruded silicone tube as an example

The first step: mix the silica gel evenly, add color masterbatch, vulcanizing agent (platinum vulcanizing agent, BOP vulcanizing agent, double two-four vulcanizing agent).

The second step: install the mold on the silicone extrusion equipment and silicone extrusion machine, and feed the material for vulcanization;

The third step: secondary vulcanization, use the second-stage vulcanization process for products with incomplete vulcanization, or oven baking!

The four step: Cut off the silicone tubing according to different needs.

The five step: The silicone tube is processed again, such as the food-grade silicone tube in the fresh-keeping box and the lunch box, and it is glued into a silicone sealing ring (silicon rubber sealing ring). KL-301 silicone tube glue, heat the two ends of the silicone tube together in the takeover machine.

The six step: Due to the strict requirements, the medical silicone tube is mostly extruded with platinum vulcanizing agent and liquid silicone; under the action of 300 medical silicone glue, it can be glued together with stainless steel metal and PVC/PP plastic tubes.

If there are problems in molding technology in the production process, it can be analyzed from several factors such as swing material, pressure, temperature, time, and material.

The above is how the silicone tube is made? If you need to purchase a large amount of silicone tubes, please contact us and look forward to cooperating with you.