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The service life of the rubber hose depends on different rubber formulations and different production processes, as well as different uses.

Generally, the service life of domestically produced rubber tubes is relatively guaranteed. If you look for a big imported brand, the quality is relatively constant and the service life will be relatively guaranteed. Some big foreign brands can also provide users with products with customized parameters to ensure that the service life and other requirements are met.

air rubber hose

There are many factors that affect the service life of rubber hose

In addition to unexpected factors such as cutting with sharp objects, gnawing by insects and rats, stretching and wriggling, the main damage factor is natural aging, which leads to oxidative degradation or structural reaction.

According to the service life recommended by the manufacturer, as long as the model is selected correctly, the service life of the rubber hose is “18 months” or “2 years”, and even some rubber hoses can exceed 5 years.

However, in actual use, factors such as the environment and method of use need to be considered, and the actual state (such as: deformation, brittleness, hardening, cracking, mildew, loss of light, stickiness, discoloration, etc.) should be observed to determine whether it is scrapped .

OrientFlex recommends to custom check the use of the rubber hose, if any abnormality is found, replace it in time to avoid trouble. OrientFlex has produced rubber hoses for more than ten years, guaranteeing product quality and perfect after-sales service to escort your order. Let you buy with confidence and use with peace of mind, looking forward to cooperating with you.