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Automotive silicone braided hose consists of four or five layers of reinforced fabric and silicone rubber. The reinforced fabric layer is made of aromatic polyamide fiber.

Silica gel strips are purely impregnated with silicone rubber compound on the inner and outer surface of the fiber cloth, and the layers are evenly distributed.The thickness of the silicone tube fabric layer is 0.4mm and 0.5mm, and the nominal mass is 150g/m2. The product shall be able to continuously serve at 250℃ and intermittently serve at 300℃.

Appearance the hose is not allowed to have defects such as bubbling, cracking, partial concave and convex: Application of silicone braid tube in automobile:

A modern automobile rubber products in addition to the tire, there are all kinds of high temperature resistant silicone tube, high temperature resistant sealing ring, oil seal, bowl, wiper strip, dust cover, recoil ring and other rubber parts of nearly 500 kinds.

High temperature resistant silicone tube is one of them

Because the car starts due to the increasing progress to high-power miniaturization, the temperature around the start is maintained for a long time about 320 degrees, the temperature in the gearbox is often more than 180 degrees, and ordinary rubber products shall not be subjected to such a high temperature and chemical media resistance, aging resistance and other properties for a long time, Combining these practical factors so as to obtain high temperature resistant silicone rubber can play a great role in this respect.

Automotive silicone braided tube also has fuel resistance, lubricating oil, oil, aging resistance, wear resistance and other shockproof effect, so it can make the service in the cover years and proudly firm, the key is that these high temperature resistant silicone products help to reduce the health of the car and damage bridge crane failure, which greatly improve the high temperature resistant silicone rubber (silicone tube) in the automotive industry progress.

How to choose automobile silicone braided tube:

  • 1.Smell: high temperature resistant silicone tube products will not volatile gas so you can not smell the smell (double 24 vulcanization process will have a slight but not pungent), and high temperature resistant rubber tube will volatilize a pungent smell of the burner: automobile silicone braid tube burning the smoke is white without pungent smell, ash is gray and white solid. Rubber combustion is black smoke with pungent smell, the ash is black paste.
  • 2.Temperature resistance effect: automobile silicone braid tube can reach 300° high temperature and -40° low temperature. High temperature resistant rubber tube is in the range of 150° low temperature -30°.
  • 3.Application field: Automobile silicone braided tube can pass food grade and work in special food medical high temperature resistant environment, rubber tube is not good because plasticizer is added to the product, which is a toxic additive.
  • 4.color difference: silica gel can have a variety of colors of high temperature resistance is generally iron red, rubber is mainly black or brown.