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Silicone tube is a commonly used hoses in everyone’s daily life, but there are various problems in the production of silicone tube. One of the most common is the color of the tube. People say that there are dark marks on the surface of the silicone tube. The following is a professional silicone tube manufacturer to introduce to you how to avoid dark marks on the silicone tube.

First of all, when selecting silicone raw materials, it is necessary to strictly control them. For example, it may be difficult to distinguish the color difference and hardness of the two kinds of silicone raw materials on the naked eye. However, there are still great differences between the two. If these two batches of silicone raw materials are mixed and molded, even if there is only a slight color difference found after quality inspection, it will not be shipped. Because our quality inspection is very strict, we can only deal with the defective products in the form of defective products. Therefore, when selecting the silicone raw materials, it must be sure that there is no mixing. It is important to know the source. Once the source is wrong, all subsequent processes can only be futile!

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Secondly, silicone products are colorless, non-toxic, and tasteless. If you want to make silicone products colored, you need to add a “color masterbatch”. Therefore, the choice of the color masterbatch must not be wrong. If the temperature resistance of the color masterbatch does not work, then the silicone product has basically become a waste product, because the color masterbatch must be integrated into the silicone product for high temperature molding. At this time, the color masterbatch can be melted by high temperature Let the silicone products discolor. If the color masterbatch affects the entire production because of poor temperature resistance, the consequences are self-evident, so the selection of the color masterbatch must be the most suitable.

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In addition, you should also pay attention to the cutting of silicone products, because if the rubber is cut too thick or too narrow, it may be inconvenient to vent when cutting, and it will also cause the surface color of the silicone product after molding. There is chromatic aberration, so make sure that the product is cut best when cutting. To avoid the phenomenon of dark marks on the silicone tube, it can ensure that the qualification rate of the product is improved.