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The use of food-grade silicone hose is becoming more and more widespread, but most of us may not understand its characteristics very well, and we have no idea how to buy appropriate and safe food-grade hoses. But many procurement of hose performance and other aspects are not very understanding, not clear how to choose sanitary hose.

Following five aspects to choose food silicone tube

1. First of all, understand the service temperature of the sanitary hose
the service temperature of the pu food hose is -25 degrees to 100 degrees, and the short time high temperature resistance is 120 degrees. The temperature resistance of food grade silicone tube can reach -60 degrees to 220 degrees, and the general food and pharmaceutical industry needs silicone steel wire hose under high temperature and high pressure conveying environment.

2 to determine the use of hose pressure
general hose test pressure is tested at room temperature food grade steel wire hose general pressure can reach 5-6 kg, silicone steel wire hose pressure can reach 10 kg. Therefore, when we confirm the hose pressure, we should determine whether the hose pressure is at room temperature or at service temperature. The higher the temperature, the worse the hose pressure; Secondly, it is necessary to determine whether the hose has negative pressure requirements.

braided silicone tubing

3. Requirements for conveying materials
food wire silicone pipe is generally used for conveying neutral materials, which can be cleaned and disinfected by CIP and SIP. However, acid-alkali and corrosion-resistant food-grade rubber pipe should be used for conveying some acid-alkali and corrosion-resistant materials and organic solvents.

4. Supporting sanitary joints
food silicone Pipe industry can provide sanitary hose matching joints, TC quick installation joints, thread joints, quick clip joints, flange joints, etc., to provide cutting, seizure, pressure test and other one-stop services.

5. Hose length
mainly considering the equipment’s connection position and the hose’s bending requirements, we can provide a complete set of hose installation solutions according to customer requirements, and provide customers with a variety of quick assembly joints, elbow, and other assembly processing.

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