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How should you choose silicone hose for medical device applications? To begin with, the whole process of picking medical silicone hose is tedious, and medical machinery interior designers must take into account physical properties such as specifications and strength, visibility or necessity for radiopaque patterns, and its resistance to kinking and other excellent design options. In addition to this, when selecting implantable silicone tubing, the purity of the raw material, organic chemical and biocompatibility, specifications and performance in use must be taken into account, as this element plays a dominant role in the characteristics of the commodity.

4 Steps Needed to Select Medical Grade Silicone Hose

I. Physical Properties

The key physical property to take into account when selecting silicone hose, particularly when the design scheme of medical machinery tends to be small and medium-sized devices and drug transportation equipment, is the specifications. At this stage, implantable silicone tubing is available in sizes of 0.007×0.014 feet. Unknown to all, not all dealers are the ones who have the working ability to bring their merchandise to the market immediately, and thus this should be kept in mind during the whole process of selecting a dealer.

II. Strength

Generally, the strength of Shore a can be elevated from 20 to 80. tensile strength decreases with strength. It is a key element in the evaluation of such machinery and equipment as, for example, trauma drainage bags, which are subjected to very high working pressure when they are removed from the body.

Third, the mechanical equipment elements of the tearing compressive strength and elongation of the Rashe

If there is a slight crack mark in the silicone tube, its tearing compressive strength will be more seriously jeopardize its level of improvement. This is critical when the silicone hose is likely to touch parts with sharp edges. The amount of stretch is related to the ductility of the hose, which is a physical property that must be taken into account with balloon hoses.

Fourth, The quality of the surface finish of the tube must be carefully evaluated

In general, low friction on the surface of silicone hose is important for practical applications. While surface coatings can reduce the adhesion of the silicone itself, these coatings must meet biocompatibility requirements, especially when the device may come into contact with and enter human tissue. Although the tube is highly biocompatible, the silicone grade and additives need to be selected based on the application. Depending on the circumstances, high-temperature leaching tests and secondary vulcanization processes for 176.67°F (176.67°C) silicone need to be considered for certain high volatility requirements.

1-Medical Grade Steel Wire Hose
1-Medical Grade Steel Wire Hose

The above is a summary for everyone on how to choose silicone hoses. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Orientflex has been producing medical silicone hoses for many years and has relevant qualification certificates. You can buy with confidence.