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When purchasing a pneumatic hose, the following four aspects should be paid attention to:

Four steps tell you to purchase of a pneumatic hose

  1. Tube material: PU tube, nylon tube, etc.
  2. The inner and outer diameters of the pipe: it is customary to use the outer diameter of the pipe as the size of the pipe, commonly known as the “diameter”. It is not the same thing as the commonly referred to as the nominal diameter, and users should pay special attention when purchasing.
  3. The uniformity of the pipe wall thickness, the uneven pipe is easy to leak air during work.
  4. The wall thickness of the pipe should be selected in consideration of the form of the pipe joint used.
    When using the clamp type pipe joint and the sleeve type pipe joint, the inner diameter of the pipe should be paid attention to; when the plug-in pipe joint is used, the outer diameter of the pipe should be paid attention to. Diameter size.

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