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How do you fix a broken intake hose as described above? Today Orientflex will introduce to you how to clean the intake hose?

Cleaning the air intake hose must be carried out under the guidance of professionals:

First, before cleaning, the car engine needs to be heated to normal working temperature, and appropriate cleaning tools should be selected;

Second, remove the intake hose and clean it with a special cleaning tool;

Third, during operation, control the accelerator with one hand, and spray an appropriate amount of cleaning agent into the throttle valve with the other hand; a veil needs to be placed under the throttle valve to prevent the leakage of the cleaning agent;

Fourth, it is necessary to turn down the accelerator from time to time during the cleaning process to prevent the cleaning agent from accumulating in the air intake;

Fifth, after the cleaning is completed, install the air intake hose to start the engine, and check whether the vehicle is normal;

Honda engine air intake hose
engine air intake hose

Cleaning the intake hose is a technical task, and it is recommended that you clean it under the guidance of professionals.

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