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How to clean and get rid of taste in Silicone hose?” That’s a very good question. The person who raises this question must be a person who lives carefully. When installing or repairing the silicone hose, the silicone hose may be stained with oil. How to clean the silicone hose? Next, OrientFlex introduces methods of removing odor by silicagel hose. Let’s take a look.

What should I clean my silicone hose with?

The easiest way is to place the silicone tube flat in a clean environment with good air circulation. The longer the time of prevention, the weaker the adsorption capacity. For silicone hose manufacturers, silicone hose storage environment requirements are strict, avoid dust. Once the adsorption of excessive dust will affect the quality of products and delivery efficiency, so must pay special attention to.

1. To clean silicone hose, you can use isopropyl alcohol and cotton balls.

2. Moisten a cotton ball with alcohol and wipe the pipe.

Alcohol wipe. This is a common method for cleaning silicone hoses. However, it should be noted that after wiping, it must be quickly packaged into a clean and sealed environment. Like a vacuum bag or a PE bag.

3. Clean the silicone with mild soap and water, but be sure to rinse it well. Alternatively, you can use a silicone safety cleaner.

This method is simple to operate. Spray soap into a bucket and add hot water, stir to make a foam mixture, then gently wipe the silicone hose with a rag. Note that when the foam in the bucket decreases, you need to replace the bucket again until it becomes foam again.

Cleaning silicone hose must pay special attention to, do not use WD40 and petroleum based cleaning products cleaning. These products will seriously break the molecular structure of organic silicon, leading to the degradation of product performance.

Some people will say that the silicone hose has a smell, what should I do? Today OrientFlex introduces you to 3 ways to remove the smell of silicone hoses. Let’s take a look below~

The first method: soak the silicone sleeve in boiling water for 2-3 hours, and most of the taste can be dissipated. It cannot simply be considered that a product has a fruity aroma, and it must be qualified. In fact, the fewer ingredients added to the product, the more guaranteed it is.

How to get rid of taste in silicone hose?

The second method: the use of silica gel deodorant can effectively remove various odors that may be released by resins and additives in the processing and use of silica gel or silicone rubber, improve the production environment of silica gel and the environmental protection level of products, and the usage amount is low , High deodorization efficiency, convenient application, environmental protection and non-toxic, it should be available in the market.

How to remove smell from silicone hose?

The third method: the most simple and direct method, expose the product to the air for 2-3 days, and the smell on the hose will naturally dissipate.

Hopefully you feel a little more informed about Silicone Hoses.If you’ve been struggling to find just the right part, there’s no need to keep searching. Turn to OrientFlex, and we’ll find or create the right solution for you. We’re experts in silicone hoses, Auto Rubber Hose, Air Intake Hose, connectors, and more. Put our knowledge to work for you! We look forward to working with you today and for years to come.