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Silicone tube is a kind of industrial and daily necessities that we usually use. If the product is too soft or the hardness is not in accordance with the use effect, it may cause deformation or poor use of the notch and shorten the life. The following describes the precautions for controlling the hardness of the silicone tube.

How to control the hardness of silicone tube

Time and temperature are the main problems in the control of silica gel products. In the high temperature vulcanization process, the mold is in a heat curing state. If the time and temperature are not controlled during curing, the hardness of the product will be different, and the product will be soft or too brittle. The phenomenon that the silicone extrusion tube is usually formed by instantaneous high temperature, so the temperature control and delivery time of the silicone hose manufacturer need to be strictly controlled, and the thickness and the diameter of the product are determined according to the size of the product, and a certain parameter is adjusted. No need to modify after.

If the molding method is used, the time of the mold is controlled at all times. The molding of the silicone tube requires a certain temperature to be controlled, and the manual time and the actual residence time are required to be controlled. The extruded silicone tube is only waiting for the parameters. The product can be produced, so the problem of soft or harder silicone products that are usually molded is also a majority.learn more about Silicone types.