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High temp silicone tubing is a common performance of silicone products. Ordinary silicone[1] can withstand high temperatures between 200 and 300 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature can reach about 350 degrees Celsius within a short period of time, such as two hours, and is often used for silica gel with special performance requirements.

This type of silica gel can be customized according to the needs of customers. So how do we distinguish between ordinary silicone hose and high temp silicone tubing when we buy them?

four methods to distinguish ordinary silicone tubes from High temp silicone tubing

  1. Look
    Ordinary silicone tube: the surface gloss is not high, the reflectivity is relatively poor, the transparency is not good, and it feels very foggy; high temperature resistant silicone tube: high transparency, no yellowing.
  2. Pull
    Ordinary silicone tube: it will turn white and deform when pulled, and the service life is short; high temperature resistant silicone tube: soft, good elasticity, kink resistance, no deformation, no cracking, long service life, cold and high temperature resistance.
  3. Smell
    Ordinary silicone tube: has a pungent smell; high temperature resistant silicone tube: non-toxic, tasteless.
  4. use
    Ordinary silicone tube: not used in various industries with special requirements; high temperature resistant silicone tube: widely used in various industries. Such as: food machinery, household appliances (kettle, iron, rice cooker, fryer, disinfection cabinet, water dispenser, fruit pulp machine, bread machine, gas appliance, water heater, etc.), industrial machinery, medical equipment, electronic equipment, Hardware, communication equipment, fashion gifts, instrumentation, baby products, food and medical care, security and environmental protection, sports equipment, printing and machinery manufacturing and other industries.

When we buy high-temperature-resistant silicone tubes, we can use these four methods to distinguish ordinary silicone tubes from high-temperature-resistant silicone tubes: look, pull, smell, and use. The high temperature resistant silicone hose produced by OrientFlex meets the product requirements. If you need to purchase silicone hose, please contact us.


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