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I hope this article can teach people in the non-silicone hose production industry and customers who need to buy silicone hoses to understand how we can distinguish between industrial-grade and food-grade silicone hoses without professional testing equipment.

Generally speaking, silicone hoses are divided into industrial (common) grade and food grade. Industrial grade silicone tubing can be used in automobiles, machinery, and more. And need to transport edible media, such as beverage factories, pharmaceutical factories, etc., you need to use food-grade silicone tubing.

Here are some simple ways to differentiate between food-grade and industrial-grade silicone tubing:

1. Observe the transparency of the silicone tube. The transparency of the industrial-grade silicone hose is not as good as that of the food-grade silicone hose, and the surface will look more foggy. The food-grade silicone hose is transparent and translucent.

2. Opaque silicone hose can also be distinguished by observation. Ordinary silicone hoses have poor gloss and poor reflectivity. The food-grade silicone hose has a bright surface, looks like it is coated with oil, and has good reflectivity.

3, They can be distinguished by smell. Industrial-grade silicone tubing has a faint pungent odor that food-grade silicone tubing does not have. Food grade silicone tubing has no odor.

4. It can be distinguished by pulling the silicone hose. The whitish ones are ordinary silicone hoses, and food-grade silicone tubes will not turn whitish due to pulling.