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Food-grade silicone hose is the use of high-quality silicone (newly imported food-grade silicone raw materials), processed by scientific formulas, advanced technology.

Food-grade silicone is molded silicone, with high transparency and stability of high-quality transparent food silicone. High temperature resistance of up to 250 ℃, in a sealed environment heating is not restored. The product is characterized by softness, high temperature resistance and stable performance.


4 ways to identify the quality of food-grade silicone tube

  1. Hand pull, silicone products have good stretching properties, take out a food-grade silicone tube for pulling, can stretch the original length of 70% or more, after relaxing to see if the original is still, if it can not be restored show that the quality is a bit of a problem.
  2. hand tear, we all know that food-grade silicone tube belongs to the classification of silicone products, silicone products have very good tear resistance, you can take out a sealing strip and then find a weak place for hand tearing, to see if it will be torn (too vigorously)
  3. Smell: The food-grade silicone tube should have no odor or pungent odor. If there is an odor, it may be an ordinary silicone tube, not suitable for food contact.
  4. High temperature resistance test: food-grade silicone tubes should be able to withstand high temperatures, usually can withstand temperatures above 200 ℃. If it cannot withstand high temperatures, it may not be suitable for food processing.
food grade silicone tubing
food grade silicone tubing


Through the above methods, you can effectively distinguish the quality of food-grade silicone tubes. Choosing high quality food grade silicone tubing can ensure food safety and health.

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