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Silica gel belongs to the green material, will be made into a series of silica gel products, applied to different fields. Today for you to answer about how to divide the standard application of silicone tube?

Silicone tube according to the production of raw materials and their application conditions and application requirements can be divided into industrial silicone hose, food grade silicone hose and sanitary silicone tube.

Different varieties of silicone tubes have strict quality division and quality requirements. Because of the unique organic chemical properties and high temperature resistance of silica gel raw materials, it is widely used in industrial production, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, for the transport of pH organic solutions and soot, particulate matter and other solid state.

Silicone Elbow
Silicone Elbow

Different kinds of hoses are used in different fields

1, the industrial production of silica gel tube is mainly the selection of silica gel tube unique heat resistance and organic chemical plasticity and anti-aging, can be long-term continuous work under high temperature conditions of more than 200 degrees, UV light resistance, anti-aging, usually used in the transport of industrial production of raw materials and chemicals, etc. Hose selection of general silica gel material, through extrusion process production.

2, food grade silica gel tube selection meets the requirements of food grade silica gel material production, the application of chlorobutadiene catalytic reaction generation, to ensure that the production of the hose does not fall down. Food silicone hose is food canning especially drinks, drinks, vegetable oil canning supporting facilities hose. Food silicone hose has good heat resistance, tensile resistance and bending, can be sloshing for a long time, so it is also the dream of peristaltic pump supporting facilities hose.

3, health silicone tube is a high clean silicone tube, hose from the raw material should be on food quality and safety standards, all the production process must be conducted in the high clean workshop production, silicone hose is generally used to health industry areas, Gao Qingjie LABS, science LABS, and vacuum pump weighing of high-grade test items of scientific research. Diagnosis and treatment silicone hose not only needs to meet the food quality and safety level standards, but also to meet the level of diagnosis and treatment standards.

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