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Although the silicone hose has a multi-layer structure and steel wire winding, it is still very fragile. When using and handling the silicone hose, we still need to pay special attention to not damage the hose because of automatic negligence, which affects our work. Then what should we pay attention to when handling the hose?
First of all, handling and loading and unloading of silicone hoses should not be dragged at will. The heavy hose should be loaded and unloaded by lifting equipment or special machinery to prevent the hose from being damaged by accident.

Silicone Elbow
Silicone Elbow

Secondly, the rubber hose should be classified volume (article) neat shipment, to avoid a large bend of the tube at a discount, also should not be in the rubber hose pile pressure other heavy objects.
For the need for straight transportation of the hose, when the length exceeds the loading compartment, the super-long part should be supported by the bracket to prevent the product from being damaged by dragging on the ground.
In the process of loading and unloading, the silicone hose should be lightly loaded and unloaded.
In addition, if the product needs to be temporarily parked in the open air (or workshop dock) for some reason, the site must be smooth, the hose should be neatly placed, and do the bottom pad on the cover, not pile pressure; At the same time, the hose can not contact with the heat source.
Last but not least, it is strictly prohibited to mix the rubber hose with acid, alkali, oil and organic solvents, flammable and explosive items; Hose body should not be in direct contact with goods with sharp edges.