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Engine radiator hoses will age and break easily with long-term use. If you encounter a collapsed radiator hose during driving, when this phenomenon occurs, you should immediately choose a safe place to stop and then take emergency measures to solve the problem. Emergency measures in this case.

How to fix a collapsed radiator hose?

If the end of the radiator hose is cracked and broken, the problem can be solved simply by cutting off the end of the radiator hose and inserting it back in. If the middle part of the radiator is cracked or broken, you must drain some of the cooling water and use tape to roll up the broken part after all the water on the radiator hose is dry, which can also solve the problem temporarily.

As the engine works when the water pressure in the hose is high, so you should try to wrap the tape tightly. If there is no tape on hand, you can also first wrap the plastic paper around the crack, and then use the old cloth cut into strips wrapped around the hose. Of course, as the radiator hoses has aged, it is likely to crack and break again. If the radiator hose is not replaced as soon as possible, sooner or later there will be cracks and breakage. It should be noted that after taking the above measures, the engine speed can not be too high, to try to hang high gear driving, driving but also often pay attention to the water temperature table pointer position, found that the water temperature is too high to stop to cool down or supplement the cooling water.

Therefore, it is necessary to check the radiator hose frequently, and after finding cracks or damage, should take proper measures as soon as possible. If necessary, go to an auto store or repair store as soon as possible to replace the hose with a new one.

EPDM radiator hose

How much does it cost to replace a radiator hoses?

The principle of radiator is to use cold air to lower the temperature of the coolant from the engine inside the radiator. There are two main components of a radiator, the radiator sheet consisting of small flat tubes, and the overflow tank (at the top, bottom or sides of the radiator sheet).Generally speaking, radiator hoses prices are different depending on the model, and the cost required is different, with the original being more expensive.

Radiator hose replacement charge includes two aspects: the first is the cost of emergency, generally and your rescue kilometers have a relationship. The second is the cost of replacing the radiator hose, the price is around a few hundred dollars. When replacing it, you should choose a professional and regular repair store to repair it. Just after the replacement of the condenser to pick up the leak, generally commonly used to vacuum or pressurize the way to do.

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