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In recent years, the silicone products industry has continued to develop and innovate, and the quality of silicone tubes on the market has been uneven. There are even unscrupulous merchants who specialize in the production of fake and inferior silicone products and make huge profits. This requires consumers to exercise good judgment when choosing silicone products. Now as a professional manufacturer of silicone products, I will tell you a few aspects of distinguishing silicone products to help you choose.

First, in terms of fee

the toughness and elasticity of silicone products are very good, it is not easy to be permanently deformed by external forces, and the feel will be relatively smooth. The fake silicone products are easily deformed and relatively rough to the touch, because the surface of the fake silica gel lacks a layer of grease.

Second, from the perspective of odor

silicone products are non-toxic, tasteless and colorless products with good texture and no harm to the human body, and fake silicone products are difficult to achieve these effects. Fake and inferior silicone products are generally poisonous and sting Nose smell.

silicone hose
silicone hose

Third, at the same time

we can also distinguish between real and fake silica gels by means of flame burning. Counterfeit silica gel products emit black smoke and the remainder is black powder when burning. Real silica products emit white smoke no matter what color they burn. The burning residue is white powder.

Fourth, look at the color when we buy silicone tube

look at the color first, the quality is relatively bright, the surface is smooth, touch it with your hand, feel good; and the fake and inferior silicone tubes feels rough to the touch, the color It is also cloudy.

Fifth, the use of a good silicone tube is not easy to deform and easy to twist, flexible, bright colors; and fake and inferior silicone tube, easy to fade, easy to deform, at the same time the explosion resistance is not enough, it is easy to age.