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Silicone hoses have a wide range of applications. We mainly produce silicone hoses for automobiles, so through this piece, we hope to let you know how we judge the quality of silicone hoses. If we do not have professional testing equipment, in our daily life, we can generally evaluate the quality of the silicone hose from the appearance, smell and mechanical test of the silicone hose through vision, smell and tools.

Our Orientflex quality inspection team will carry out quality inspections from the following aspects and share them with you. If you also have silicone hoses, you can also inspect them from these aspects:

Five steps to teach you to judge the quality of silicone hoses

1. Outer packaging:
Whether the packaging is clean and not damaged.

2. Printing:
Whether the printing position is correct and whether the printing content is clear.

3. Caliper measurement:
The caliper measures the wall thickness of the silicone hose, whether the inner diameter is standard; whether the length is standard.

4. Observe the appearance:
In addition to observing whether the surface of the silicone hose is smooth and bright, you can pay special attention to the inner wall of the silicone hose. The inner wall of the poor-quality silicone hose is not smooth, has bubbles, and has defects, while the inner wall of the silicone elbow we produce is very smooth and has no defects.

5. Observe the color:
whether it meets the requirements and whether there is color difference.

6. Smell:
Good quality silicone hose has no specific pungent odor. The silicone hose we produce uses 100% high-quality silicone raw material, which is safe to use and has a long service life.

If you have other equipment, you can also test the temperature resistance, tensile properties, pressure resistance and so on of the silicone hose. The above can be a relatively simple way to detect the quality of the silicone hose to share with you, I hope to help you. If you have silicone hose needs, please contact us.