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Manufacturing medical silicone is a very specialized job that requires precise techniques and careful operations. Today I will show you how to make medical grade silicone.

5 steps to make medical grade silicone

Step 1: Prepare Materials
Some basic materials are needed to make medical silicone, including silicone base material, crosslinking agent, catalyst and other additives. These materials require precise measurement and mixing to ensure the quality and performance of the final product.

Step 2: Mixing Silicone Base Material and Crosslinker
The silicone base material and crosslinker need to be mixed together, usually by machine or hand mixing. During the mixing process, the proportion of each material needs to be strictly controlled to ensure that the manufactured silicone material meets the standards for medical use.

Step 3: Add catalyst and other additives
After mixing the silicone base material and crosslinker, catalysts and other additives need to be added. A catalyst is essential as it facilitates the cross-linking reaction, resulting in a strong silicone material. Other additives can be added as needed to improve the performance and characteristics of the silica gel.

Step 4: Stir and Heat
After adding the catalyst and other additives, the mixed silica gel material needs to be stirred and heated. This process helps to mix and evenly distribute catalysts and other additives, thus maintaining the quality and performance of the silicone material.

Step 5: Cool and Pack
After the silicone material is mixed, heated and stirred, it needs to be cooled and packaged. This ensures the ultimate quality and performance of the silicone material and guarantees that it is safe for use in the medical industry.

It should be noted that the manufacture of medical silicone is a very strict job, and there are many regulations and standards that need to be followed. Only professionally trained and certified personnel should perform such work. At the same time, every step in the manufacturing process requires strict control and inspection to ensure that the final product meets the standards for medical use.

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