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Food grade silicone tubing is not known how to store it after purchase and use, in fact, the treatment is similar to other types of silicone tubing, which are sterilized at high temperatures, but medical silicone tubing may be more stringent. After all, some bacteria can’t be killed at high temperatures. Now let’s talk about how to handle and store food grade silicone tubing.

Food grade silicone is additive molding silicone, with high transparency and stability of high-quality transparent food silicone, high temperature resistance up to 250 ℃, heating in a sealed environment does not restore. Food-grade silicone is called the use of good silica gel (newly imported food-grade silicone raw materials), processed by scientific formulas, advanced technology. The product is characterized by softness, high temperature resistance and stable performance. Healthy diet today, food-grade silicone has gradually replaced food-grade plastic.

food and medical grade silicone hose application (1)

In fact, silicone hose products can be sterilized using +250°C (+482°CF) hot air or +135°C (+275°CF) steam at 3.5 bar pressure for 1.5 hours +135°C<;/°C>(+275°CF)) at 1-hour intervals so that the hose used to restore the steady state of the steam will be changing organic and swelling properties of silicone rubber.

Here, a silicone hose is not recommended for conveying abrasive products. Similarly, if food grade silicone hose is not to be used for a while, it should be cleaned, then sterilized with silicone hose and placed on a dry shelf to avoid exposure to sunlight and ozone to prevent it from being placed in a chemical environment. The interface uses 45°C or 90°C to bend the head and tail to ensure that dusty hazardous substances enter the tube.

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