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How to protect auto fuel hose? Heat shrinkable casing with glue is mainly used for automobile tubing protection. SBRSM wall tube are among those with glue in the wall and RSFRM without glue wall tube in the two kinds, SBRSM adhesive wall tube used in superior polyolefin materials and environmental protection hot melt rubber compound and into. RSFRM without glue wall tube used in polyolefin material processing and become, meticulous care is widely used in the insulation protection of low voltage power and mechanical wear protection should change the buffer and room, waterproof insulation, sealing products (with adhesive wall), soft, outer self-extinguishing, environmental protection, etc.

What are the inspection methods of auto fuel hose?

If the car flame out on the road, how ignition can not be lit, then first call the trailer or repairman to come over. If the waiting time is too long, you can first check the auto fuel hose and fuel tank, if the hose is out of order, then eliminate its fault.

Rubber Fuel Hose SAEJ30R6
Rubber Fuel Hose SAEJ30R6

View of the hose and fuel tank can make gasoline pump inlet pipe joint with a wrench tool to open it, and then determine the tubing have obstructed by suction (but have to be careful not to gas suction mouth). If there is oil suction out fault is not in the said car oil pipe or tank, and may be at the gas pump problem.

But if there is no gasoline sucked out, the car can not ignite the fault is likely to be a problem with the fuel tank and the car oil pipe, using this method for further inspection of the auto fuel hose leak has a certain reference role. If you can’t suck out the oil, check whether the oil is enough first to eliminate the problem of less oil, then it is the auto fuel hose leakage or blockage.