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We always mention silicone hose customization. However, many people pay more attention to the color, size, structure, shape, printing, etc. But indeed, stiffness can adjust also.

There are two examples:

For a silicone steel wire pipe, a customer asked bending radius to be smaller. So that it can be installed and used on the customer’s equipment. We can adjust the stiffness and adjust the reinforced steel wire. Thus, the problem and worry can solve.

food grade silicone hose
food grade silicone hose

There is a milk-passing equipment that needs to use a food grade silicone single tube. The required wall thickness is relatively thick, but the hardness is required to be 65 Shore A. That is no problem. As the professional manufacturer of silicone hoses, Orientflex is good at research and development.

We can adjust not only limit to silicone hose appearance, but also the factors which impact on performance. If your application has any special request, welcome talk to our people. We will surely provide the best solution to you.