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The automotive air conditioning system is a device that cools, heats, ventilates and purifies the air in the cabin. It can provide a comfortable riding environment for the passengers, reduce the driver’s fatigue intensity, and improve driving safety. The air conditioning unit has become one of the symbols to measure whether the car is fully functional.

Air conditioner hose plays an important role on the automotive air conditioning system. Orientflex can provide good and stable quality AC hose for the market. The customized printing is accepted.

In this piece, we want to share some tips to the passengers, what causes car Air Conditioner hoses to freeze?

what causes car Air Conditioner hoses to freeze?

The reasons for the freezing of automobile air conditioning pipes are as follows:

  1. There is a small amount of frosting in the normal refrigeration of automobile air conditioners.
    Solution: It is a normal phenomenon and need not be dealt with.
  2. The refrigeration system is dirty and blocked, causing the refrigerant to not circulate normally.
    Solution: Check and disassemble and clean the refrigeration components.
  3. The air conditioner filter is clogged.
    Solution: The air conditioner filter needs to be replaced or cleaned.
  4. Lack of fluorine or refrigerant leakage.
    Solution: Check to find the leaking parts and replace them. At the same time, add refrigerant. Be careful not to add too much refrigerant, otherwise it will cause too much refrigerant to flow through the evaporator and freeze.

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