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Automobile cooling water pipe

The main function of the automobile cooling system is to dissipate part of the heat absorbed by the heated parts in time to ensure that the engine works at the most suitable temperature. The cooling water hose is a flexible pipeline connecting the car engine and the radiator.

Its main function is to transport coolant, dissipate heat, and ensure the safe and normal operation of the engine.

At present, the working temperature of the domestic cooling water hose reaches 125 °C, and it is produced with sulfur-vulcanized EPDM rubber.

Automobile air conditioner hose

The inner rubber layer of the automobile air-conditioning hose is made of EPDM, the reinforcing layer is woven with polyester fiber, and the outer rubber layer is EPDM, which is extruded and coated.

It has the advantages of low penetration, high temperature resistance, etc. It can be used in the environment of -40~140 ° C, and even in the high temperature environment of 160 ° C.

The automotive air-conditioning hose is a hose product with high technical requirements, and its key technical indicators are low. penetration.

Automobile brake hose

In addition to being resistant to brake fluid, automotive brake hoses must also have good aging resistance and moisture permeability. In the past, the material used for the inner rubber layer of the automobile brake hose was mainly styrene-butadiene rubber.

Recently, EPDM or EPDM/butyl rubber has a tendency to replace styrene-butadiene rubber due to the appearance of maintenance-free cars, the increase in the working temperature of brake fluid and the use of high-boiling brake fluid.

The EPDM rubber hoses produced by our company are all made of imported EPDM rubber, which has good wear resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and good air tightness.

It is mainly used in automobiles, mechanical water tanks, engines, radiators, heaters and other parts to transport water, air, antifreeze, steam and weak acid and alkali liquids.