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Braided silicone tube, also known as polyester/fiber braided mesh tube, is a kind of high pressure-resistant silicone tube. It is manufactured through a series of complex processes from inner tube to braided wire to outer tube, silicone mixing, extrusion, and weaving.

Braided silicone tube performance

  1. High hygiene and environmental standards, being a non-toxic and odorless silicone hose.
  2. Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, compression, chemicals, ozone, radiation, humidity, and environmental exposure.
  3. Suitable for use in a complete vacuum, exhibiting resistance to rupture and twisting.
  4. Durable, pressure-resistant, ozone-resistant, and oxidation-resistant.
  5. Has undergone extensive physical, chemical, and biological testing, complying with FDA certification standards.

Braided silicone tube uses

Suitable for applications in laboratories, ultrapure liquid transfer, cell culture, drug delivery, sterile liquid filling and transfer, peristaltic pumps, veterinary pharmaceuticals, food and beverage transfer, dairy products; pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetics, food processing, etc.

Braided silicone hose

Why choose ORIENTFLEX braided silicone tube

  1. Select high-quality imported raw materials from the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries, carefully prepare them, and establish a strict quality management system from feeding, and processing to shipping;
  2. It has advanced production equipment such as high-speed dispersers, patented filters, internal mixers, grinders, extruders, calenders, and composite hose automatic lines;
  3. Equipped with complete and precise testing instruments such as computer vulcanization meter, wear resistance meter, colorimeter, aging test chamber, and computer tensile tester;
  4. Product production is flexible, large orders or small batches can be matched, and the production speed is fast;
  5. High quality, stable and favorable price.

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