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Silicone rubber is one of the most widely used rubbers today. Silicone rubber has the advantages of physiological laziness and good biocompatibility. Silicone rubber is based on high molecular weight linear polyorganosiloxane, and after adding certain specific components, it is processed according to certain technological requirements to make a rubbery elastomer with a certain strength and elongation.

Silicone rubber used as medical materials has high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, hydrophobicity, softness, permeability, high resistance to aging and transparency, physiological inertia, non-adhesion to human tissues and blood, good biocompatibility, Non-toxic, tasteless, non-carcinogenic and a series of excellent properties.

As a medical polymer material with excellent properties, silicone rubber has received the attention of professionals both in the rubber industry and the medical field. The use of silicone rubber as a pharmaceutical product has the following advantages:

First, is used as Rubber medical materials with high technical content, low cost, high added value, and considerable economic benefits.

Second, use the medical properties of silicone rubber. Not only can solve many medical problems, but also allow patients to obtain satisfactory results;

Third, silicone rubber has a wide range of sources, is convenient for production and fine processing, and has good social and economic benefits.

1-Medical Grade Steel Wire Hose
1-Medical Grade Steel Wire Hose

From the perspective of the development of medical silicone rubber products, the number and quantity of products are increasing year by year, and the use is also expanding. At present, medical silicone rubber products are widely used in various fields such as brain surgery, otolaryngology, chest surgery, abdominal surgery, internal medicine, urology, orthopedics, and plastic surgery. It has good development prospects in the future.