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Auto silicone hose is ideal for a wide range of auto fluids. It can resist damage when exposed to various fluids . Here are some fluids that silicone hose can transfer.

Silicone hose widely serves in cooling system to transfer coolant. Because it can resist the chemical found in coolant. Thus it can ensure the hose perform well for long terms.

Engine Oil
Auto silicone hose is ideal for engine oil. They can bear the temp and chemical in engine oil.

Hydraulic Fluid
Silicone hose can handle the hydraulic fluids without significant issues. Because it can bear the chemical inside the fluid.

Silicone hose can transfer gasoline and diesel fuel. Besides, the hose will never be brittle.

Power Steering Fluid
Auto silicone hose can handle power steering fluid. Thus it widely serves in hydraulic power steering system.

In fact, silicone hose is ideal for many parts of the vehicle. While it serves as ac hose, heater hose, fuel hose and coolant hose. Orient is a reliable supplier for auto hose. Besides silicone hose, we can also offer you rubber auto hose. If you need auto hose or have any questions, just feel free to contact us.