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Silicone hoses are generally resistant to high temperatures. Silicone is a synthetic rubber that can withstand temperatures from -60°C to +200°C (-76°F to +392°F) depending on the grade and quality of the material.

First, silicone hose high temperature resistant?

Silicone hose is resistant to high temperatures. Silicone hose a kind of liquid, gas and other materials used to do the circulation and coating carrier, in the industry is also called silicone hose. Silicone rubber tube in the industry can be divided into “extrusion tube”, “shaped tube strip”. Like many silicone strips, silicone sheets, after the foam can produce foam silicone tube, using pure natural silicone material for extrusion, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and sanitary, environmental protection and other properties, the common transparent color silicone tube. Widely used in modern industry, defense industry and daily life products.

Silicone Heater Hose

How many degrees of high temperature resistance of silicone hoses?

Silicone rubber hose is a new type of polymer elastic material, with excellent resistance to high temperature (250 ~ 300C) and low temperature(-40~-60°C) performance, and has good physiological stability, and can withstand repeated sterilization of the harsh conditions. Common silicone tubes are: medical silicone tube, food grade silicone tube, industrial silicone tube, silicone shaped tube, silicone tube accessories.

Medical silicone tube – generally can withstand -60 ~ 300 ° C. Features of medical silicone tube:

1.High transparency, high sanitary grade, environmental protection, efficient and odorless, can be sterilized at high temperature and autoclave;

2.Medical grade silicone tube has a good physiological inertia, no harm to human tissue, implanted in human tissue will not cause foreign body rejection, no inflammation of the surrounding tissue;

3.High tensile strength, high tear resistance, low shrinkage rate, good resilience;

4.High and low temperature resistance, will not be deformed at high temperatures, and will not produce decomposition of harmful substances, biologically inert, biological aging resistance;

5.High level of health and environmental protection, through a series of food-grade safety testing. Medical silicone tube ─ generally can withstand -60 ~ 300 ° C.The general temperature resistance range of ordinary silicone tube is -40~200°C, special high temperature resistant tube range can reach -60~300°C; the aging resistance is longer, the service life will be different with the use of the environment, generally at room temperature can be used for more than 10 years.

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